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Own Sweet Time

I am a NZ artist who has called Sydney home since 2003 after living in the UK for 14 years.​

Her work could be interpreted as purely decorative. By using allusion and symbolism, she weaves stories into her work based on experiences as a trans-racial, Asian adoptee: joyful and chaotic assemblage of blooms and fruit displayed with a collection of ceramics from anywhere and everywhere but with a narrative that draws the viewer in for a second look.

The result is a collection of pictures combining unexpected elements to create strangely familiar images. There are stories to each of my works that lift them from the purely decorative into a narrative piece.


Designer:Sandra Lloyd


Karen Kwok

Lantern Cove Candles


Accessory Designers


Kaoru Rogers

Designer:Denise McDonald

Connie Dimas

Australian designed and individually hand made by Nadine. each piece is lovingly shaped, moulded & sanded.

Prominent pieces are her resin necklaces, rings & bracelets, and "lolly" necklaces.


Kaoru Rogers

Gabby Malpas

Designer:Kristian Jamieson

Well-designed with a welcoming price tag is just the beginning, as these refreshingly bright homeware items are as pretty as they are ingenious; there’s something immensely satisfying about seeing a single piece of wire transformed into a fully functional product.

​The dynamic duo behind Bendo have always fostered an appreciation for bursts of colour and beautiful homewares. Kristian, a qualified industrial designer, is also the owner and creative director of a successful Melbourne design agency, while Annabelle comes from a photography background, working as a graphic designer in both London and Melbourne, and marketing for some of the world’s leading brands.

Their design skills, vibrance and enthusiasm comes together in the Bendo brand, delivering products that make your heart sing and your wallet thank you.

Homeware & Artwork Designers

​Denise is a Sydney based potter known for creating practical and beautiful ceramic work that functions well and integrates into the day to day lives everybody. Her work enhances and enriches those simple little experiences of life - like the morning cup of tea, or serving food to a loved one. ​ Being handmade, every piece is unique in its details but collectable as sets. Having spent time working in England and been influenced by old ceramic craft practices, her return to Australia has triggered much inspiration from the colours and textures of that unique environment. 


Designer:Connie Dimas

Crafted from silver & oxidised silver, Kaoru designs each of her jewellery pieces drawing on a minimalist style, which is derived from her Japanese heritage. She creates stylish one-offs or can also make complete sets of beauty.


Designer:Gabby Malpas

Designer:Donna Kuek

Originally from New Zealand, Donna's work is exclusive to acquire@DESIGN.

Her creativity comes naturally and she is constantly inspired by travel, interesting materials and beautiful textures.

Designer: Nadine Sharpe

Emperor Qin's Knots

Gabby Malpas


The Lanterncove brand has been developed to provide a unique, ever-evolving range of candles for the Australian market. Constantly introducing new designs, while also maintaining those ranges you love, gives us that dynamic edge allowing us to adapt our brand to our customers’ needs.

Using only the finest-quality materials in developing our products is paramount in ensuring that we deliver beautifully-crafted ranges that live up to our high standards here at Lanterncove. Each candle is thoughtfully designed and brought to reality with our customers in mind.

Equally as important to us is preserving our Australian-Made status, as we feel strongly about bringing some industry back to our beautiful country while supporting local businesses. With every Lanterncove purchase, you can be confident that you are strengthening Australia’s future in the marketplace.​

Designer:Gabby Malpas

DM Pottery

New Zealand born Sydney based artist Gabby Malpas finds inspiration for her work from the tastes, sights and aromas that she experiences while living here in Sydney.  Her style of working with watercolours and inks is delicate and refined to an almost Zen-like level.


Artisan, Connie Dimas radiates elegance evident in her designs. She is inspired by creating jewellery with a simple sophistication that transcends fashion trends and suits every occasion.

Soft sophisticated shapes with influences from antiquity to the contemporary are combined with an experienced designer's eye, to create this truly unique range of handmade jewellery.


​​​acquire @ DESIGN 

Emperor Qin’s Knots - individually hand knotted embellishments on a range of leather bags and jewellery is available in various art galleries in Sydney and been in The Art Gallery of NSW.